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There are two main ways to show off your Evernote integrated products:

Evernote Apps on ChallengePost

A fresh listing of new apps and projects that connect to the Evernote API.

ChallengePost is the best way to show off your work when you are ready for new users, feedback, and making a great app over time.

Often our app review team will look for new apps on ChallengePost that are promising, add value to Evernote, and provide our users with a great experience.

We encourage you to first post your app on ChallengePost, which helps share you work with the developer and beta community.
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The Evernote App Center

A collection of select apps that help users do more with Evernote.

The primary way that Evernote users find third party apps is the Evernote App Center. The App Center is a showcase of things that work with Evernote (think of it as the Evernote app store) and it's filled with the best apps and services on the Evernote Platform. Only apps and services that we have reviewed and approved will be in the App Center, and our mission is to work with developers to improve apps submissions so users only see the strongest apps in this directory.

Before developers submit their apps to the App Center, we want them to be polished. In the review process, we evaluate them to ensure they function correctly, provide a compelling use case for Evernote users, and comply with our basic API and trademark use policies. That process can take anywhere between two to four weeks, and may result in a list of updates to fit our requirements. Once an app is accepted, we will ask for text and images that will be reviewed by our editorial team before entering the App Center.
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Applications using the local API
  • Handle the case where there is no Evernote client application installed on the user's PC or mobile device.
Applications using the Cloud API
  • Make sure that the application follows the OAuth flow by going through all the steps of the protocol and also handle the case in which the user doesn't authorize your application.
  • Offer the user the possibility to disconnect/logout from their Evernote by deleting the authentication token and all information related to the account.

Submitting your app for review and feedback

Evernote Apps on challengepost

Get acccess to a community of developers and beta testers for making a great app. By submitting to the ChallengePost Evernote channel, it enables an instant way to get your product into the hands of willing users.

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App Center Submissions

When you're ready to submit, select the button below to complete the form. Due to the high volume of app submissions, we cannot guarantee your app will be reviewed. Typically reviews take 2-4 weeks to complete.

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