App Center Evaluation Criteria

How we evaluate integrations submitted for inclusion in App Center

When an integration is evaluated for inclusion in the App Center, we use the following criteria. Before submitting an integration, please consider each of the following points carefully. The application process is intentionally rigorous — we are looking for excellent integrations. If any of these points are unclear, we will work to clarify them for you during the review process.

  • The integrations's purpose and utility should be clear and obvious.
  • The integration should be easy to use.
Branding Guidelines
  • The application's name must not contain "Ever" or "Note" or be an obvious derivation of either of these words. The name should also not contain "Evernote" (e.g., "[Application Name] for Evernote").
  • The application must comply with Evernote's Trademark Guidelines.
  • The application should use high-resolution Evernote imagery (logos, buttons, etc.).
  • Where appropriate, the application should use appropriate Evernote assets (pre-made buttons and other graphics) and terminology (e.g., "Save to Evernote", "Connect to Evernote").
Application Design
  • Transitions and other visual effects within the integration should be consistent.
  • If appropriate, the application should be optimized for high-resolution screens.
  • The application should be free of design elements that inhibit usability.
  • The application must adequately adhere to the parent platform's design and functional guidelines (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.).
Settings and Authentication Flow
  • Configuration options should be clear and easily understood.
  • The process of connecting the application to the user's Evernote account should be simple.
  • If applicable, the application should use the latest version of the Evernote SDK for iOS.
  • If the application creates new data in the user's Evernote account, the user should be given the option to designate a destination notebook for the new data (or create a new notebook from within the integrated application).
  • The user should be able to easily disconnect the integrated application from their Evernote account.
  • The application must elegantly handle the revocation or expiration of an Evernote authentication token as described here.
Evernote Integration
  • The application must clearly describe how, specifically, it integrates with Evernote (e.g., what data is saved to Evernote, what data is retrieved from Evernote, etc.).
  • When the user is shown a list of their Evernote notebooks, the notebooks should be displayed in alphabetical order (or ordered in some other intentional fashion).
  • If the application imports content from Evernote, the content should stay visually intact (to the greatest extent possible).
  • It should be clear to the user how to save or retrieve data from Evernote.
  • If the application exports content into Evernote, the application needs to elegantly handle a situation where the user's monthly upload allowance is reached.
  • If applicable, the user should be able to easily create tags from within the integrated application.
  • If applicable, the application should make it easy for the user to search for content in their Evernote account (including the use of Evernote search operators).
  • The application will be rigorously tested to ensure that, under normal use, it will not threaten the stability of the Evernote platform.

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