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Highlights from conferences and tutorials for the Evernote API

Developer Spotlights

Stories from the Evernote Developer Community

Kostas Arkadas and John Kastiosis

Developers of Evergram

Evernote API Developer Video

A handful of great developers share their experiences integrating with Evernote

Evernote Brazil Hackathon

Brazil: A hotbed of tech innovation

Evernote Trunk Conference '12 August 24, 2012

Mainstage Talks

ETC 2012 Overview

A quick overview of the 2012 Evernote Trunk Conference

Welcome Keynote

Phil Libin, CEO, introduces Evernote Business, Business socks, and the Evernote notebook by Moleskine

Evernote Design

CEO Phil Libin and lead Evernote Designer Gabe Campodonico discuss the designs of all things Evernote.

Magic and Design

Jamy Ian Swiss talks about the relationship between magic and User experience.

Devcup Presentations

Meet the Devcup finalists and see their pitches for each integration.

5 Questions & Devcup Winner

A discussion with the day's speakers and the announcement of ETC 2012 Devcup winners.

Dev Track Sessions

State of the Platform

See how the Evernote platform has grown over the past year, and get a preview of where we're headed next.

Getting in the Trunk

The Evernote Trunk connects users with the apps that help them get more out of Evernote. Learn about what's new with the Trunk, how to get your app listed, and how Evernote can help you promote it.

Developer Showcase

Teams who've worked with Evernote discuss how they built successful apps using the Evernote API. Hear their stories, and learn how to design and implement apps that work with Evernote.

Completing Your Thoughts

Evernote, your external brain, is getting smarter every day. Mark Ayzenshtat, our Head of Data Products explains how we're putting your notes to work for you.

Private By Design

Unlike many popular web services, Evernote is primarily for a single user — you. Learn how we designed and implemented our web service and applications to ensure that your data stays private.

Inside Penultimate

Penultimate creator, Ben Zotto, shares his experience. Learn how the app was born and it's transition to Evernote, from idea to implementation.

Evernote Trunk Conference '11 August 18, 2011

State of the Trunk

With Seth Hitchings, VP Platform Strategy, Evernote

Inside Evernote's Architecture

With Dave Engberg, CTO, Evernote

Developing a Rich Application

With Damian Mehers, Senior Software Engineer, Evernote

What's New in the API

With Seth Hitchings, VP Platform Strategy, Evernote

Icon to Interface

A Conversation with Evernote's Creative Director Gabe Campodonico & Andrew Sinkov, VP Marketing

Stay on top of what's happening in the Evernote developer community.