Developer Tokens

Authenticating with the Evernote Cloud API using Dev Tokens

Important: Developer tokens are currently unavailable except for proven necessity. Please use OAuth to authenticate with the Evernote Cloud API.


There are two ways to authenticate to the Evernote API, developer tokens and OAuth. Developer tokens provide instant access to your Evernote account via the API. For public applications, use of webhook notifications, and advanced permissions we recommend using OAuth.

Getting a Developer Token

To get a developer token go to

You will see the following page:

Click the button labeled “Create a developer token” and you will be taken to the following page:

Your developer token has been generated for you! Copy the string that starts with "S=“ (this is your developer token) and keep it in a safe place! The sample token in the above screenshot is

Note: Anyone who has this token can access your Evernote account!

You can now now use this developer token in any of our getting started guides or SDKs.

Revoking Your Developer Token

If you accidentally publish your developer token to a public repo (oops, we all know, these things happen!)or wish to revoke the developer token, go back to the same URL as before:

Click on "Revoke your developer token" to revoke access to your Evernote account via this page:

Please note that the developer token will only be shown at the time you click “Create a developer token”. If you misplace your developer token you must revoke the existing token and generate a new token. This page will always contain the NoteStore URL should you require that information. Now you have everything you need to take a look at our Getting Started Guides and SDKs or topical articles.

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