Package com.evernote.edam.type

Class Summary
Accounting This represents the bookkeeping information for the user's subscription.
BusinessNotebook If a Notebook contained in an Evernote Business account has been published the to business library, the Notebook will have a reference to one of these structures, which specifies how the Notebook will be represented in the library.
BusinessUserInfo This structure is used to provide information about an Evernote Business membership, for members who are part of a business.
Constants Contains constant values specified by this package.
Data In several places, EDAM exchanges blocks of bytes of data for a component which may be relatively large.
LazyMap A structure that wraps a map of name/value pairs whose values are not always present in the structure in order to reduce space when obtaining batches of entities that contain the map.
LinkedNotebook A link in an users account that refers them to a public or individual share in another user's account.
Note Represents a single note in the user's account.
NoteAttributes The list of optional attributes that can be stored on a note.
Notebook A unique container for a set of notes.
NotebookDescriptor A structure that describes a notebook or a user's relationship with a notebook.
NotebookRestrictions This structure captures information about the types of operations that cannot be performed on a given notebook with a type of authenticated access and credentials.
PremiumInfo This structure is used to provide information about a user's Premium account.
Publishing If a Notebook has been opened to the public, the Notebook will have a reference to one of these structures, which gives the location and optional description of the externally-visible public Notebook.
Resource Every media file that is embedded or attached to a note is represented through a Resource entry.
ResourceAttributes Structure holding the optional attributes of a Resource sourceURL the original location where the resource was hosted
Length: EDAM_ATTRIBUTE_LEN_MIN - EDAM_ATTRIBUTE_LEN_MAX timestamp the date and time that is associated with this resource (e.g.
SavedSearch A named search associated with the account that can be quickly re-used.
SavedSearchScope A structure defining the scope of a SavedSearch.
SharedNotebook Shared notebooks represent a relationship between a notebook and a single share invitation recipient.
SharedNotebookRecipientSettings Settings meant for the recipient of a shared notebook, such as for indicating which types of notifications the recipient wishes for reminders, etc.
Tag A tag within a user's account is a unique name which may be organized a simple hierarchy.
User This represents the information about a single user account.
UserAttributes A structure holding the optional attributes that can be stored on a User.

Enum Summary
BusinessUserRole Enumeration of the roles that a User can have within an Evernote Business account.
NoteSortOrder This enumeration defines the possible sort ordering for notes when they are returned from a search result.
PremiumOrderStatus This enumeration defines the possible states of a premium account NONE: the user has never attempted to become a premium subscriber PENDING: the user has requested a premium account but their charge has not been confirmed ACTIVE: the user has been charged and their premium account is in good standing FAILED: the system attempted to charge the was denied.
PrivilegeLevel This enumeration defines the possible permission levels for a user.
QueryFormat Every search query is specified as a sequence of characters.
ReminderEmailConfig An enumeration describing the configuration state related to receiving reminder e-mails from the service.
SharedNotebookInstanceRestrictions An enumeration describing restrictions on the domain of shared notebook instances that are valid for a given operation, as used, for example, in NotebookRestrictions.
SharedNotebookPrivilegeLevel Privilege levels for accessing shared notebooks.
SponsoredGroupRole Enumeration of the roles that a User can have within a sponsored group.